Grupo de Población de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles

Domingo, Andreu, Sabater Coll, Albert, Verdugo, Richard Ruiz (Eds.) (2015): Demographic Analysis of Latin American Immigrants in Spain From Boom to Bust

Springer. Series: Applied Demography Series, Vol. 5. XXV, 215 p. 44 illus., 6 illus. in color.

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This book provides a unique, timely and comprehensive insight into Latin American immigrants in Spain. Each chapter uses a demographic framework to examining important topics related to the experiences of Latin American immigrants in Spain, like their rapid acquisition of nationality, their contrasting patterns of migration and settlement compared to other immigrant groups, their labour market experiences before and during the economic recession, their reproductive behaviour before and after settling in Spain, as well as the push and pull factors of what is regarded as one of the single biggest waves of international migration ever experienced by Spain.