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Smith, D.P et al. (2015): Intenal Migration. Geographical Perspectives and Proceses

London, Ashgate, 250 págs. - ISBN: 978-1-4724-5246-7

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Over the last two decades there have been numerous profound changes in UK society which have had an impact on the scale, geographies, meaning and experiences of internal migration. Providing a critical appraisal of migration scholarship from the perspective of Geography, reviewing theory, substantive foci and method, this book demonstrates how sub-national migration in the UK gives rise to and reflects new patterns of population, housing, economies and cultures.

Each chapter is written by a Population Geographer together with a scholar representing another Human Geography sub-discipline thus providing a cross-disciplinary perspective on a specific aspect of migration. Critically reviewing and setting an agenda for internal migration scholarship from a spatial perspective, this book will be of interest to academics and students of Geography and other disciplines concerned with migration, both within the UK and further afield.